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Don't Attack Iran

September 13, 2012

The recent decision by the Harper government to sever all diplomatic ties with Iran is a dangerous escalation of the conflict between the West and Iran - and paves the way to a potential war. The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on member groups and supporters to denounce this decision and to demonstrate on October 6, 2012 to call for a peaceful resolution.

By severing ties, Canada has cut off avenues for dialogue and instead contributed the escalating drive for an attack against Iran. Without dialogue, the situation becomes more precarious and the possibility of military intervention is raised.

It is no coincidence that Canada's move comes after a recent meeting in Iran of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), which showed that Iran is not as isolated as our governments would have us believe. The government of Canada is, therefore leading the international campaign to isolate Iran as a prologue to a potential war. The Canadian public, therefore, has a particularly important role in stopping the Harper government from promoting a war which would cause untold civilian deaths and could escalate into a much larger conflict.

There is no evidence that Iran is building a nuclear weapon despite claims from the Harper Government. The Canadian Peace Alliance stands firm in calling for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East and a nuclear-free world. An attack on Iran would not be an effective way to stop or reverse nuclear armament in the Middle East. Israel has already built an arsenal of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Unlike Iran, Israel is neither a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency nor a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is the position of the Canadian Peace Alliance that nuclear proliferation will continue as long as those states which currently have nuclear weapons, including the US, refuse to comply with their international treaty obligations to disarm their own arsenals.

We will also be demonstrating on October 6 to oppose any NATO military intervention in Syria and to call for an end to the ongoing war against Afghanistan. It was on October 7, 2001 that Afghan civilians began to be killed by NATO bombs. Eleven years later, the country continues on a downward spiral of violence and poverty. It must end now.

More than a decade after September 11, 2001, the world is a significantly more dangerous place. More than a million innocent people have been killed by the wars of the last ten years, and the destabilization of countries throughout the Middle East and Central Asia continues unabated. Islamophobia, which has become an ideological tool to justify this killing, also continues to build, setting the stage for a dangerous and racist undercurrent in Western countries.

The Harper government has become one of the most hawkish on the planet. Stephen Harper has labeled both "Islamicism" and Iran as the greatest threats to world peace. The people of Canada, the majority of whom didn't vote for the Conservatives, must stand up and end the sabre-rattling, fear-mongering and threats. Join us on October 6.

We need diplomacy, not sabre-rattling, says Canada's largest peace group

September 7, 2012

The decision by the Harper government to sever diplomatic ties with Iran and to expel all Iranian diplomats from Canada is a dangerous and unwanted escalation of the current crisis. The Canadian Peace Alliance condemns this decision and calls on the government of Canada to normalize relations and to call for a peaceful and negotiated settlement.

This is not the first time that the government of Canada has led the drive to war with Iran. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated publicly that Iran is the "greatest threat to world peace." The severing of diplomatic ties shows that, in fact, the Harper government is the real threat to peace and stability.

"The global community is calling for negotiation and dialogue to avert war," said Sid Lacombe, coordinator of the Canadian Peace Alliance. "Keeping diplomatic channels open for that discussion is an absolute prerequisite to finding a peaceful solution to the conflict. The Harper government has just told the world that they don't care for peace and are instead paving the way to war."

Iranian-Canadians also spoke out against the decision to sever ties.

"We are worried that these actions by the Harper government are a sign of imminent attack," said Niaz Salimi, president of the Iranian Canadian Community Council. "We are opposed to any actions which brings us closer to war."

A war with Iran would cause untold civilian deaths and could escalate into a much larger regional conflict. There is no credible evidence that Iran is using nuclear technology to create a weapon, yet the Canadian public is being asked, once again, to put its faith in fictitious claims about Weapons of Mass Destruction. The fact that no weapons were ever found in Iraq - and that the evidence of such a program was deliberately fabricated - renders any accusations against Iran extremely questionable.

This October 6th, Canadians will demonstrate their opposition to the possibility of war against Iran by joining anti-war events across Canada. For more information, visit

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