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Bring ALL the Troops Home Now! Canadian Forces Out of Afghanistan


» CPA Statement on the End of Combat Operations In Afghanistan
July 27, 2011

» Judicial Inquiry NOW!
Release all the Afghan Detainee files - June 24, 2011

» Karzai “May Join the Taliban”
One more reason to bring the troops home
April 6, 2010

» After 2011 - Why Canada Needs to Leave Afghanistan
March 31, 2010

» No Olympic Truce in Marjah
February 18, 2010

» CPA Statement
Talking to the Taliban
February 5, 2010

» The McChrystal Ball predicts more troops and more war
October 7, 2009

» Don't Extend It (Again) End It
On April 4th Demonstrate Against Canada's Afghan Surge
March 3, 2009

» Not in 2009, not in 2011
End the war in Afghanistan, NOW!
September 10, 2008

» Pipeline politics have always been the real motive for the war in Afghanistan
June 19, 2008


» New Fact-sheet - Top Ten Reasons to Bring the Troops Home Now

» Download the Petition Calling for an End to the War in Afghanistan

» Fact-sheet- Canada Kandahar and the Caspian(pdf)

» Backgrounder: Bring the Troops Home Now
Why a Military Mission will not bring Peace to Afghanistan

» Video Resources



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