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Email Communications after Divorce Be Careful What You Send

Electronic communications have become a regular part of a person’s life. In fact, for many of us email is considered to be a primary method of communication for every little thing. For example, whether one wants to connect with family members or with their friends; or for communicating with clients and parents of students, email is being used.

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However, Oakville family lawyer feels that many people fail to realize that the electronic activities can have a serious impact on the life of family members during a family law dispute or after it. In fact, if one takes a close look into various news report they will come to see that an Ontario court have outlined the fact that email can affect negatively a childcare dispute or child support case which is being fought by divorced parents.


Respectful Communication

It is a known fact that respectful communication is very important for maintaining a good relationship with divorced partner. Effective communication between divorced parents is necessary in order to carry out a smooth adaptation of the children involved.family lawyer

Often, it has been seen that feelings of anger or sadness can distort the communication process. This, in turn, can affect parenting decisions. As a result it can leave a child in a bad situation. Hence, Oakville family lawyer feels effective communication can easily help to remove any negative feelings.

Still it has been seen that in many cases parties often get into dispute over parenting issues for their children. Often, one party sends email to another party and it violates parenting principles. Hence, family attorney states that it is important to avoid electronic responses in any form. This is because it can be forwarded to family lawyers and can be used against another party. Therefore, one needs to be very careful about it.

A family lawyer can use this email to prove that this kind of action initiated by one party lead to tension of another party. An Oakville family lawyer can file a compensation claim from another party.

How to Remain Careful?

Family attorney feels that showing respect will not cause any kind of disgrace to a party. In fact being respectful can help in improving the honor. So care should be taken to consider your divorced partner in high respect and value. While being respectful for other person’s belief, family attorney even provides some tips regarding email communication. They are:

  • To be respectful of the length of an email communication. Keeping it simple and also by limiting the characters per line.
  • Oakville family lawyer states if the mail is appropriate in order to read in front of children make sure not to send it. Rather it should be written in placatory tone.
  • Keeping the channel of communication open. One should not dictate what they feel or think. Every person have different viewpoint.
  • Not to take part in argument that goes nowhere. This is because once you send the mail it can be undone. Any bad move can make one regret their move.

After a successful divorce, make sure to remain in touch with Oakville family lawyer. They can guide you on effective email communications so that you don’t face bigger problems.

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Criminal Lawyers Can Save From False Convictions

False Conviction or miscarriage of justice can be defined as the situation where an individual has been accused and punished for a crime, which he did not commit. The criminal justice system is extremely complicated and so the help of a criminal lawyer is absolutely necessary to quash a wrongful conviction.

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Causes: Miscarriage of justice or wrongful conviction can occur due to many reasons. The most common reasons for wrongful conviction are police or official misconduct, wrong witness identification, malpractice of laws, false confessions, false accusations and false forensic reports. If you have been wrongfully convicted, you should take the help of a criminal lawyer.

Skills:By hiring a lawyer you can be assured because the lawyer is well-versed with the various laws in his field. He can plead on your behalf and help you to resolve the case quickly.

Aware of the Environment: A lawyer has years of experience in the legal sector and can efficiently handle your case. They have knowledge about the policies and laws and also have good connections which can be beneficial for you.

Explain the Charges: A criminal lawyer will be able to explain the charges to you as he is accustomed to the legal terms. Not every individual is able to understand the legal terms and by hiring a lawyer things become much easier.criminal lawyer

Paperwork: Taking care of paperwork can be extremely difficult for a person who is not comfortable in the legal sector. A slight mistake in the paperwork can change the course of the case and hence it is advisable to leave the task in the hands of a professional.

Knowledge: A lawyer has sound knowledge in the field of law because of years of schooling. He will be able to carefully study the case, figure out the loopholes, and suggest a way out. He will also know how to put forward his points so that the judgment can be in your favor.

Defending the Client: Since you are falsely convicted, you need to prove that you are not guilty. The lawyer should be defending you and should put up points which prove your innocence.

Investigation: A lawyer will be able to investigate the reason why you have been wrongly convicted. He will be able to gather the evidence which proves that you are not guilty.  He will examine the case very carefully and try to work things in your favor.

Support: During tough times, a criminal lawyer can support his client by helping him cope with the emotions. Since he is looking after the case, you do not need to worry. A lawyer will be frank about the development of the case and will also predict the future of a case.

File a Case: In false conviction cases, the lawyer helps his client to file a civil rights lawsuit against the person whose misconduct has led to the false conviction.

Counseling: A criminal lawyer counsels his client and helps him to return to the workforce. He also connects you to professionals who can assist you in emotional and psychological healing.


If you have been falsely convicted, you should avail the services of a lawyer to ensure that you receive fair judgment.